Gluten free in Sweden

Gluten free in Sweden

Eat gluten free on any Swedish restaurant, if you have celiac disease and eat gluten free food. Use this Swedish allergy card (chef card) on your gluten free travel to Sweden and when visiting gluten free restaurants that speaks Swedish. Eating out in Sweden with celiac disease is mostly easy, but its important to describe for the chef what you can and cant eat.

Good luck with eating out gluten free in Sweden. If you have celiac disease, use this Swedish gluten free restaurant allergy card.

Jag har celiaki

Jag lider av sjukdomen celiaki, glutenintolerans och måste följa en sträng glutenfri diet.

Annars riskerar jag att bli mycket sjuk.

In English

I suffer from celiac disease, gluten intolerance and have to follow a strict gluten free diet.

Otherwise, I run the risk of becoming very ill.

Good things
- Most fast food chains in Sweden serve gluten free options (McD, Burger King, Pizza Hut etc)

- English is common, most chefs will speak English
To Avoid
- Swedish meatballs often contain flour

Swedish dishes and products :
- Swedish meatballs. Common and popular, but mostly not gluten free
- Marinated Salmon with Dill Potatoes. Often gluten free

Useful Swedish links for celiac:
- Swedish Coeliac Association >>
- >>

Popular Swedish gluten free / restaurants / cafe's / hotels / shops /
- Place one
- PLace two
- PLace three
See all top gluten free restaurants for Sweden >>

Short swedish dictionary:
Celiac or Coeliac = Celiaki
Gluten free = Glutenfri or Glutenfritt
Flour = Mjöl
Wheat = Vete or Vetemjöl

Swedish is spoken in following countries: Sweden, Gotland, Åland, Finland.

Last updated: 19-11-03

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