Celiac disease a risk group for Corona?

Celiac disease a risk group for Corona?

Many wonder if Celiac or gluten intolerance is a risk group for Corona Covid-19.
The studies available now show that the most common risk groups are:

- High age
- Hypertension
- Cardiovascular disease
- Lung disease
- Diabetes

Experts points out that people in risk groups are not more susceptible to being infected by the virus itself, however, they risk getting a more serious illness than others if they are infected.

Celiac disease a risk group?

Celiac disease or gluten intolerance is not a risk group for Corona what we know today. If you have Celiac, follow your diet and are healthy otherwise it does not mean an increased risk of becoming ill in Corona. If you have a weakened immune system for other reasons, it can pose a risk.

Because coronavirus is a new disease, there is no specific research on the risk of people with celiac disease. People with hyposplenism may be at increased risk.

Does Corona spread through the food?

Coronaviruses are spread through contact between people or through coughs and sneezing, so-called drip infection. There is currently no indication that the virus can be spread by eating food or drinking water. As usual when cooking and eating, your hands need to be clean. Hand washing with soap and water is our best defense against the spread of various types of disease. Washing your hands frequently with soap and water also reduces the risk of spreading coronavirus.

Can Corona trigger Celiac?

A number of common viral infections are suspected as possible causes of triggering celiac disease. For ex enterovirus, reovirus and Epstein-Barr. Corona Covid-19 is too new to know if there is a risk of autoimmune diseases being triggered for those at risk of developing them. Future research is needed to answer this question definitively.

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